Hey hey FRIYAY!

line 39 Sauv Blanc.jpg


Bring on the freakin’ weekend


Line 39 Sauvignon Blanc
Bought at Target $8.99
2 sips 1 Score - I’ll give it a 6 (out of 10). Why? It’s an ok wine. Simple. Straight forward. I don’t think you’re going to make any friends over it, but I don’t think you’ll offend anyone either.

Set the Mood

Cut off jean shorts, t-shirt, barefeet
Freedom Meatlocker Cheesey B sausage on the grill
Marinated BBQ Skirt Steak up next

Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d look at the clock at 2:30 and think, ”30 more minutes until the bell goes off…really!?” Now, I can hardly believe June is pretty much over! It was JUST Christmas. What in the world (insert mind blown emoji here). So, it’s June and this week was crazy and it went by so fast! I’m not sure if anything I set out to do got accomplished, but I’m going to celebrate making it out alive with this little baby right here. This wine does the trick on a hot day!

Wine lingo coming at ya…turn away if you’re not ready…it’s dry (meaning not sweet), acidic, and it’s pretty simple. You’ll either like it or you won’t. For me, it’s Friday, it’s crisp and cold, there’s alcohol in t, so it’ll do just fine.