My name is Erica Manfre and I'm the moody wine drinker.  Why?  What?  Well, let's start with, "What?"  I've been asked most of my adult life what my favorite wine is and my answer has always been the same, "It depends on my mood..." followed by my current mood and current recommendation.  Am I moody?  Not as much anymore, as long as I'm not hungry.  When I was younger, I was more volatile.  Not sure what changed, maybe it's because I'm more settled now or more mature.  Now, I'm married, with a baby, a mortgage payment, and the best dog anyone can ask for (Bert, you'll learn about him).

Why have people asked me about wine most of my adult life?  Is that not normal??  I'm joking.  I know it's not.  It all started with my dad.  He sold wine before I was born and was a foodie before that was a thing, so as a result, I grew up learning about flavor and texture and mouthfeel.  It's only natural that I was drawn to the wine industry.  I studied at Cal Poly SLO and got a major in Agri-Business and a minor in Wine and Viticulture.  I've dabbled in the industry, hence people asking the question, "What's your favorite wine?"

Now, I currently work in my husbands family business, selling wholesale produce.  I don't get asked the question as much, but it doesn't mean I'm any less interested in the wine business or drink any less wine.  HA!  As a matter of fact, having wine to be my hobby in stead of my job has actually has given me a new fresh perspective on wine.  I'm much more objective now and less involved in the cliques.  It's now simply about me and my pallet.  

So buckle up and enjoy the ride!