I used to be in the wine industry. Like, I got a minor in it in college. Literally. I’m not joking…that’s a thing. Now, I own a marketing company and I enjoy wine like regular people. Well, my version of regular people, anyway. I rarely swirl a glass and slurp through my teeth…guys, real people don’t DO that often.

I’ve been going back and forth what to do with Moody Wine. I started a little blog in 2006, or maybe it was 2007, after I graduated college. I ramped it up, even got recognized at a winery event, then got out of the wine business…and stopped doing anything with the blog. I’ve made some lame attempts and reworking it, but I kept doing the same ol’ thing…wine, tastes, tasting notes, blah blah blah.

PEOPLE DON’T CARE! I didn’t even care anymore, but I knew I wanted to do something with it. I started thinking about regular people drinking wine. Regular people buy wine in their price point, they buy wine they like, or if they’re going out after drinking wine, they get wine that won’t make their teeth purple.

Soooooo this Moody Wine is different, I mean TOTALLY different. I’m targeting my girls because you’ll (or they if that’s not you…sorrrry) relate and I’m going to go about it from a different angle. Real life wine. Fun wine. Light wine. None of that swirl, slurp and spit shit.

So, like Dave Hollis would say, “LET’S GO!”